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Beautiful Reclaimed Redwood

reclaimed redwood backsplash in kitchen
reclaimed redwood accent wall in bedroom

Born from the California Redwoods, Rewoodd hand selects old growth redwood planks removed with expert care from deteriorating structures. The wood is reclaimed for its unique accents due to aging, nail holes, and scoring. The planks are precision planed for tongue and groove installation along with eight inspections to ensure a perfect fiteven for those interested in DIY projects.

Rewoodd is more than just distinctive beauty, it’s also safer because we perform more than 80 tests to ensure that your loved ones are never exposed to any hazardous chemicals – unlike other reclaimed wood products that cannot assure safety nor an exact polished fit.

All our wood is eco-friendly. Because it is reclaimed, each plank has naturally aged, never needing to distress new wood to look aged. We offer four different styles of reclaimed redwood to fit the color and elegance for home or business – or any project where you want to make an exceptional decorating statement.

Old growth redwood has become scarce. Each board carries its own fingerprint and is embedded with a story. We’ve processed it for repurpose – it’s now time for you to write the next chapter.

Three Great Reclaimed Redwood Styles to Choose From


Natural Rewoodd

Naturally aged redwood planks are carefully removed from fallen structures and reclaimed for its unique accents due to aging. Expect interesting knots, nail holes, and scoring for that beautiful reclaimed wood look.


bella colors

Bella Colours mix and matches beautiful rustic painted reclaimed wood to create a quilt-like effect, adding character and a custom look to any wall.


clear coat

Preciously Protected is perfect for both outdoor and commercial applications. We seal the reclaimed redwood with a water based clear coat to protect the wood’s natural aged beauty.

Our Installation Options

peel and stick reclaimed redwood

Peel & Stick Planks (14lb box / 20 sq ft)

  • 3/16″ thickness
  • 5″ Face
  • Flush Edge Milling
  • 4′, 3′, 2′ and 1′ boards in each box
  • 3M VHB tape included
tongue and groove reclaimed redwood

Tongue & Groove Planks (19lb box / 20 sq ft)

  • 3/8″ thickness
  • 5″ Face
  • Tongue & Groove Milling
  • 4′, 3′, 2′ and 1′ boards in each box
  • Installed with pin nails, glue, brad nails

If you have any questions about Rewoodd or reclaimed redwood products, feel free to give us a call at 503-625-7535 or fill out or contact form.

Buyer Beware: other wood may be soaked in formaldehyde or other cancer-causing chemicals to imitate an antique patina with new wood. Rewoodd is all natural aged reclaimed redwood, ensuring a safe and beautiful product in your home or commercial project.

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