CDX Plywood

CDX Plywood is often used in the construction industry as a base for other materials, it is much thicker and generally less expensive but still extremely durable and can be easily sanded for primer or paint. It does have some downsides, though. CDX Plywood cannot stand prolonged periods of exposure to water so it must be covered by another material.

ACX Fir Plywood

ACX Fir Plywood is a traditional wood exterior use plywood panel with one sanded face and one rough face. It can be used in a wide variety of outdoor projects to help provide a more finished look to your project.

Radiata Pine Plywood

Radiata Pines availability and versatility combined with its ease of use, help make it a very popular choice for construction as well as decorative use. Radiata pine, like most other woods, is not naturally termite-resistant. When it is used in exterior applications, preservatives must be applied to help provide durability and prevent damage from insects, fungi, and rot.

SHOP Plywood

Traditional plywood is available in four common grades, plywood that does not meet these grading standards is considered shop plywood.

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