Treated Wood Products

Wolmanized, Genuine outdoor wood

WOLMANIZED® Residential Outdoor Wood

Copper Azole

One of the “new generation” or “green-building” treated wood preservatives containing no EPA listed hazardous constituents. It is ideal for western species, including Douglas fir. This wood treatment has been used around the world where special environmental concerns or restrictions exist. It can be stained or painted and is suitable for above ground or ground contact.

Sillbor, Multi-Purpose, Indoor Wood

SILLBOR® FrameGuard®

Borate (disodium octoborate tetrahydrate)

This is an interior treatment to be used out of contact with liquid water. Recommended for interior framing (whole house concept). This product is clear and is stainable or paintable. This waterborne preservative treatment is for use above ground and protected from liquid water.



AZCA (ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate)

The “bulldog” of waterborne preservative treatments. It can treat almost any species for almost any application, be it above ground or immersed in salt water. It is an ideal treatment for Coastal Douglas fir, the primary species of the Northwest. It is especially appropriate for residential, commercial, and industrial uses where safety and longevity are a major concern. It can be painted or stained.

Dricon, genuine, indoor wood


Fire retardant treated (FRT) wood is an effective and economical material for reducing the effects of fire. Building code organizations and other construction-related agencies recognize it as an alternative to materials classified as noncombustible for a range of applications.

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