Enjoy the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar, as it adds value to your home, deck, or landscape. Western Red Cedar is not only beautiful in appearance, it holds preservative, aromatic, and insulating properties that will help make your home attractive and efficient. These are large trees, often ranging from 213 to 230 feet tall with trunks as wide as 13 feet. The soft reddish wood is straight grained and contains few knots. Mature cedar trees produce Thujaplicin, a chemical substance, which exhibits anti-fungal properties, preventing the wood from rotting. This anti-fungal property lasts for over a century after cut, making it a wonderful outdoor wood for construction of all types.

Western Red Cedar is used for all sorts of outdoor construction (posts, decking, shingles, siding, and more). Cedar Products are unmatched in workability as well as stability. Easy to cut, form, glue, and finish, cedar is #1 natural product of choice for our Pacific Northwest environment. Available cedar products: decking, fencing, siding & trim, paneling, and timbers.

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 An outdoor backyard deck constructed from Western Red Cedar wood procured from Conrad Lumber Co.

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