Picking a Contractor

Picking a contractor can be a tricky procedure. Without some form of guidance or recommendation, there is a whole sea of possibilities and choosing the wrong contractor can set you up for failure. View a list of our contractor customers here whom are a part of our Conrad Pros page. We provide a key alongside each contractor customer to signify what kind of work they do.

Conrad Lumber provides this information as a courtesy to its customers and visitors to its website. While Conrad Lumber believes in the workmanship and financial standing of its contractor customers, Conrad Lumber cannot formally guarantee nor warranty their work or business practices. Conrad Lumber recommends that, prior to selecting a contractor, consumers of home improvement services perform appropriate due diligence, including checking references, verifying a contractor is licensed and insured, and verifying the contractor has experience in the furnishing of goods or services to be provided (The lawyers made us do it). Conrad Lumber hopes that this information aids you in the process of finding a contractor that fits right for your project.


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For more information on landscape contractors. Please visit the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board

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