Do you have a new project on our plate but not sure how much wood materials you need? Use our Board Foot Calculator and our Wood Square Footage to Linear Footage Calculator to get the exact sizes you need to know for your upcoming project.


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Board Foot Calculator

Kinds of wood that are used for more specialized purposes, many hardwoods and imported woods, are often sold in a wide variety of thickness and length depending on the needs of the project. For this reason, they are sold in board feet instead of linear feet.

The Board Foot Calculator determines the volume of wood in board feet. One board foot 12 in × 12 in × 1 in. Enter the width, length, and thickness of your boards, alongside how many boards you have, to determine your number of board feet.

Wood Square Footage to Linear Footage Calculator

Most lumber is sold in linear feet, meaning the price of the lumber you are buying is based solely on the length of the wood, not counting width. Getting the correct wood linear footage guarantees you do not buy more wood than necessary for your project when purchasing your wood from Conrad Lumber Co.

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